Athena [John Banville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the internationally acclaimed author of The Book of Evidence and Ghosts. Athena () is a novel by John Banville, the third in a series that started with The Book of Evidence and continued with Ghosts. In it a woman steps out of her. Frederick Busch. Los Angeles Times – 02 July In his 10th novel, John Banville returns to the protagonist of his eighth (“The Book of Evidence”), a sad.

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The prose is clever–“Before such little doors of doubt can open more than a crack my mind jumps up in baanville and slams them shut” –and it reminds us that Banville’s writing is almost always johm Athena is the steamiest thing I’ve read by Banville: Despite having intended to be a painter and an architect he did not attend university.

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe banvulle be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. The story doesn’t really materialize, certainly in no obvious way for a reader unfamiliar with this b This is a recent novel that is both difficult and enjoyable – which means it is not written by an American author.

Told mostly in the first person which can be very boring at times. I was more interested in the art, fake or otherwise, that structured the novel.

Athena (novel) – Wikipedia

This is true of Athena as well, apt given the plot. Jun 19, Lisa rated it liked it. It’s not a murder mystery, it is not a crime novel, it is not a tragic love story. Another typical Banville novel; not a lot of plot, but great with wordsmithing. The Word Made Flesh: The story doesn’t really materialize, certainly in no obvious way for a reader unfamiliar with this book’s two predecessors, but it delights nevertheless with its author’s precise prose: To understand the plot a bit better, it helps to know t I read this book athrna years ago, and since I could not remember a thing about it, I decided to re-read it.


Jan 06, Claire rated it it was ok. I did appreciate the narrator’s circumlocution for the most part and Banville’s cleverness with art history and anagrams of his name.

Many a person has an amazing idea for a plot but doesn’t quite grasp that you can tell me what happened, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to find it all that interesting atheha you don’t dress it up a little bit. Meanwhile, he runs into a woman and becomes obsessed with her, despite knowing absolutely nothing about her, not even her name. Writers seem to need to address their field of endeavor.

Athena by John Banville | : Books

But here, it is wan and slightly out-of-focus. For me, it is yet another Banville book: It creates an interesting effect, like you’re slowly wading through the novel. But I should say that there are many vivid descriptions in the book of all things derelict and decrepit and decaying, and there is an undeniable dark sexiness and black humor in the writing. Hackett though is even more surprising. But a disappointment, nevertheless.

Maybe the sex angle, I don’t know. Athea semi-crooked man with a shady past who narrates our story is recruited by even shadier people to authenticate some paintings they have banviole away and are probably not planning on selling to the local gallery. Finding Morden’s name is something of a surprise: Jan 25, Avd. A difficult, frustrating book that I was relieved to finish. The images linger, like being surprised that a hand pressed that lightly into skin can leave such a mark.


Indeed, randomly throughout the book, Freddie’s narrative turns away from the “general reader” and he aims his tale of woe, his comments specifically to A. We can presume that Athena takes place roughly in “the present” or at least the time the book was published in the mid-’90salthough no times or dates are mentioned in fact no location is mentioned either, but from bamville clues we can safely assume the setting is Dublin.

Images of you, of my doomy rescuer whom I shall call Athena or simply Aof banvlile, of misconstrued childhood embarrassments, not of mine perhaps but rather of my nearly forgotten or spontaneously invented son, thick with the sibilance of rain and a humorless detective-inspector named Hackett, dance before me like a bad Shakespearean metaphor.

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But in Athena, we never learn much about the background of the man who calls himself Morrow, so the same stylistic tricks seem more like the author showing off. The main fellow, who is very creepy, almost gangster-ish, is named Morden no first name ; he’s supposedly a real estate developer, bought this 18th In Athenathe narrator—Freddy Montgomery from The Book of Evidence —gets involved with some shady people who have acquired some minor 17th Dutch masters; they want Freddie now “Morrow”, he changed his name after getting out of prison to “Morrow”, for—of course—tomorrow to assess the paintings, give his opinion on whether they are in fact genuine.

Stolen from the same collection where Freddie got into trouble originally, in The Book of Evidence. On his return to Ireland he became a sub-editor at the Irish Press, rising eventually to the position of chief qthena.

He took advantage of this to travel in Greece and Italy. I can’t think of a quicker way to establish for readers me at least that something is wrong with these narrators’ personalities.

Whether the paintings all seem to be valuable banvill by legendary Italian and Dutch masters are hot is anybody’s guess, since Morrow, during the course of his examination of the pieces, seems capable only of frothing over them while associating their subject matter with his new girlfriend, a woman identified only as “A.

Banville has a breathtaking style. His name is Max Morden.

I should have gone.