About us. HES Hacılar Elektrik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.(HES) established in. ISO Quality Management System Certificate. -, TSE, 4 . A. APPLICATIONS Designed to use as connection cable. B. CONSTRUCTAON.

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Besides, growing through export, introducing Hes Kablo brand to new and hse markets are among our biggest targets. Furthermore, in many cases, the fact that the one who purchased a cable is not the same person who will use the cable is among issues which annoy cable manufacturers which have become a brand. As a company, what is your middle and long term growth target for year ? May you inform us about your domestic market sales and export hhes

We cannot say that there is a severe deficiency concerning the cable standard in our country. The mark consists of the following: As Hes Kablo, we deliver our kalbo to more than countries today. May you evaluate general condition of the cable sector, future of the sector and issues of the sector in our country? As Hes Kablo, you left many years behind.

Considering the ISO first and second lists, the fact that cable companies have their operations with very low profitability rates in spite of high turnover figures is the biggest proof of the condition.

Statements Indication of Colors claimed.


Straight line sband s or bar s. Turkish cable sector started to make its mark in many fields at abroad. Current Trademark Owners Party Name. Please log in with your Justia account to see this address. Cable sector catches the eye as a sector in which competition is very high and accordingly profitability is at minimum levels since current manufacturing capacity is above the demand. Power cables, electrical cables, telecommunication cables, telecommunication cables for phones, fiber optic cables and kabli optic cable accessories, namely, cable connectors, cable jump leads, electrical shielding spacers for cables, threaded cable connectors of metal, protective sheaths for fiber optical cables, and local area network computer cables and local area network computer cable accessories, namely, cable connectors, cable jump leads, electrical shielding spacers for cables, threaded cable connectors of metal, sheaths for electric cables, aluminum electric conductors, copper electric conductors, electric enameled bobbin wire and copper electrical wire.

Circles that are kabko or kabblo shaded.

HES KABLO | CIGRE – Technical Exhibition

May you mention about activities and product range of Hes Kablo today? As Hes Kablo, we are also a brand whose quality and reliability have been registered by valid documentations at home and abroad.

International Registrations International Registration Number. What do you think about that matter? Translation of Words in Mark.

How did your company come to these days and how did you reach that level by passing through which stages? Classification Information International Class. Trademark Owner History Party Name. Horizontal line sband s or bar s. As Hes Kablo, ges aim to grow constantly in year as well. As our recent period targets, growing through export, introducing Hes Kablo brand to new and larger markets and offering minimum 50 percent of our manufacture to foreign markets are among our primary targets.


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The brand established in year to manufacture energy cables provides its services to cable and wire sector by manufacturing today fiber optic cables, copper communication cables, energy cables, high voltage energy cables, aluminum conductor, enameled winding wire with 40 of years experience within the sector and investments made.

However, we believe and hope that these troubles will decrease in course of kblo through awareness of users.

Considering the domestic market, we ranked 68th with our brand in the ISO list recently published. Furthermore, we aim to increase our turnover by addressing to various fields of our sector with weak current cables to be included in our product range. Published for Opposition Date. Besides, while mentioning about our cable standards being at European level, it is unfortunately not possible to say the same thing in terms of market control, legislation and sanctions.