On Thursday, November 21st, we’ll discuss: Frank Sibley, “Aesthetic concepts” and; Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) and 5 Pointz. N.B. ALL. consideration of the difference between aesthetic and non-aesthetic concepts. The classic exposition of this distinction is Frank Sibley’s ‘Aesthetic Con- cepts’.1 . Most of Sibley’s work in aesthetics is collected in Approach to His paper ” Aesthetic Concepts” is often referred as one of the.

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Close mobile search navigation Article farnk. Essays from The Electric Agora may be redistributed or translated, with attribution and link to our site, under the general rules of the Creative Commons license.

This Week’s Special: Frank Sibley’s, “Aesthetic Concepts”

Views Read Edit View history. Malcolm Budd – – British Journal of Aesthetics 46 2: Publications Pages Publications Pages.

Want to get involved in The Electric Agora? Siblet Minto Crags ring dyke…consists of fine grained rhyolites which have intruded the Walloon Coal Measures. John Zeimbekis – – Vrin. Bright colors may make something bold, as well as garish, but a single picture cannot have both of these characteristics at once. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

It is…of particular aesthetic appeal.

The problem is, one has to already have a sense that conceptts music worthy of listening to, to be persuaded by the argument. I was going to critique Kivy here; but on re-reading, I realized he was not writing as assertorically as I first read him.


Robert Wilkinson – unknown.

Aesthetic Concepts – Oxford Scholarship

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. The Continuum encyclopedia of British philosophy. Aesthetic Concepts in Aesthetics. University Press Scholarship Online. You could not be signed in. I think I used it in a very specific and clear and accepted — at least in terms of ordinary language use — way. Are the terms interchangeable?

This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat As in the case of the duck-rabbit, my strategy would be to pick out some crucial feature or features that can be perceived in an appropriate way.

You had Ted Cohen?! Logically, but not rhetorically; indeed the art of aesthetic criticism lies in marshaling a certain kind of objective language to both justify subjective aesthetic judgment, and persuade the audience to the correctness of that judgment — the success of this in effect objectifying the judgment for the audience community.

Sibley has been considered an important contributor to Aesthetics in the analytical tradition. The aesthetic begins in the social modification of primal desires and visceral responses; articulate judgment follows as explanation. Print Save Cite Email Share.

One posthumous paper deals extensively with a certain distinction made by Peter Geach. For some art forms the stock of conecpts adjectives may be somewhat impoverished, and we stay closer to objective qualities. Taste is a matter of inculcation, training, and experience.

Frank Sibley (philosopher)

And I also wanted to quote two of my favorite musicologists here, in order to indicate how important cultural context and experience really are to this issue, which classical aesthetics tend to miss or, revealing a class bias, dismiss:.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Could you call it a defense of irrational speech? And if so, how? The actual Sibley essay is not 87 pages. If a subculture develops an alternative, perhaps rebellious, aesthetic, they tend to replace become condescending to the old aezthetic. Maybe the question is my question. A secondary concern, since this seems to center more on aesthetic appreciation as opposed to aesthetic invention, would be whether the same approach would be applied to the artist himself and his intentions.

Rather, they require taste or perceptiveness to apply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I only read the first couple of pages of the 87!! He wrote two papers on the theory of perception, and some papers on the borderline of that field and aesthetics, one paper on colours, and a little piece on applied philosophy.

This is also true of natural scenes — one can think of those aesthetic concepts applicable to landscape painting and photography that also apply to actual landscape: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A Critique concepta Immoralism in Aesthetics.