Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD). ENMOD. Entry into force: 5 October. ENMOD Review Conference – Preparatory Committee () . #Gambia ratifies the Cluster Munitions Convention, bringing the number of states parties to The Convention defines environmental modification techniques as changing — through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes — the dynamics.

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Each State Party to this Convention undertakes to cooperate in carrying out any investigation which the Security Council may initiate, in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, on the basis of the complaint received by the Council.

International humanitarian law has two main instruments to protect the environment during hostilities. These Understandings are not incorporated into the Convention but are part of the negotiating record and were included in the report transmitted by the Conference of the Committee on Disarmament to the United Nations General Assembly in September Report of the Conference of the Committee on Disarmament, Volume I, General Assembly Official records: The Depositary shall take immediate steps to convene such a conference if one third or ten of the States Parties, whichever number is less, respond affirmatively.

Environmental Modification Convention – Wikipedia

Article II Enmo used in article 1, the term “environmental modification techniques” refers to any technique for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the Earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, a call for broader adherence will not achieve any more than a similar urging by the First Review Conference unless is accompanied by action that addresses the fundamental cause of low adherence to the ENMOD Convention, its perceived irrelevance to the real security of States.

Thereafter it shall enter into force for any remaining State Party on the date of deposit of its instrument of acceptance.


Only one State, Uruguay, expressed support for convening a new review conference, while two, USA and UK, stated that they see no need for cpnvention a conference Also pertaining article V was a move to convene a meeting to discuss conference-building measures and verification mechanisms.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All member countries of the European Union have wnmod or signed, with the exception of four: The work of the Consultative Committee of Experts shall be organized in such a way as to permit it to perform the functions set forth in paragraph 1 of this annex.

Article V of the Convention provides for a consultation mechanism to solve any problem arising in relation to the objectives enmld in the application of the provisions of the Convention, including the establishment of a Consultative Committee of Experts to be chaired by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Such a complaint should include all relevant information as well as all possible evidence supporting ItS validity.

We must… start a process that could lead to legally-binding improvements to the Convention’s effectiveness. List of parties to the Environmental Modification Convention. UN Documents Gathering a body of global agreements.

Instead, when referring to article I, the Conference retreated to a diplomatic non-decision, stating that: It should be noted that the adjectives “widespread” “long-lasting” and “severe” are echoed widespread, long-term, severe in Protocol I additional to the Geneva Conventions Article 35, para.

Each expert may be assisted at meetings by one or more advisers. For those States whose instruments of ratification or accession are deposited after the entry into force of this Convention, it shall enter into force on the date of the deposit of their instruments of ratification or accession.

My purpose, on November 6th, was to remind that the environment, which is always a collateral victim of conflicts and military activities, can also become a weapon in itself, and it is urgent that we concern ourselves conventioh the legal instruments designed to prevent that risk. Convention on the prohibition of military or any hostile use of environmental modification techniques, 10 December The Security Council shall inform the States Parties of the results of the investigation.

The provisions of this Convention shall not hinder the use of environmental modification techniques for peaceful purposes and shall be without prejudice to the generally recognized principles and applicable rules of international law concerning such use.


Conventoon propos de cette page Auteur s: At intervals of not less than five years thereafter, a majority of the States Parties to this Convention may obtain, by enmodd a proposal to this effect to the Depositary, the convening of a conference with the same objectives.

COP 21, ENMOD and the 6th November : Peace and War at Stake | Grip

A number of other interesting proposals were made; but because transcripts or detailed summaries of the Review Conference’s deliberations have not been made public, it is difficult to trace the debate. However, to respond to concerns raised by the prowess of the sorcerer’s apprentices, the law of armed conflict goes beyond this mere invitation to protection.

Any State Party to this Convention which has reason to believe that any other State Party is acting in breach of obligations deriving from the provisions of the Convention may lodge a complaint with the Security Council of the United Nations.

It is for this reason Canada strongly supports the creation of a Consultative Committee of Experts… to examine the provisions of the Convention, with a view of determining the effectiveness of their application in relation to its objectives, and to identifying areas for improvement.

From the available record, proposals which were made; but did not achieve consensus include: The Convention bans weather warfarewhich is the use of weather modification techniques for the purposes of inducing damage or destruction.

Environmental Modification Convention

Any State Convdntion may appoint an expert to the Committee whose functions and rules of procedure are set out in the annex which constitutes an integral part of this Convention. France, nuclear power and host of the COP 21 meeting! Consultation and co-operation pursuant to this article may also be undertaken through appropriate international procedures within the framework of the United Nations and in accordance with its Charter.