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Supersedes CLC/TR English version. Railway applications –. The specification and demonstration of. Reliability, Availability. BS PD CLC/TR Railway applications – The specification and demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) – Part 3. Buy CLC/TR Railway Applications – The Specification And Demonstration Of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability And Safety (rams) – Part 3.

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Examples of logistical and administrative delays are as follows: Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Software for railway control and protection systems. The following are recommendations to be followed in order to develop an appropriate and suitable breakdown structure for RAM purposes: Within RAM Programme, each entity involved should define and plan activities, for each phase, that are within their responsibility.

EN – 3: For defining a checking period, 50126-33 Customer should consider that usually RAM targets are not achieved in the first period of operation but after a burn-in period, during which a reliability growth monitoring process should have been implemented.

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The connections 50126–3 between the unit and the structure and between the unit and other interconnected units should 5026-3 accessible, able to be disconnected and reconnected and not subject to corrosion or rust in relation to the environment in which they are located. Main Supplier responsibility, or alternatively is classified as “nonchargeable”. Interchangeability It should be possible to remove an item and install another one in its place without affecting any equipment characteristics.

NOTE If it is not possible to measure time to reach maintenance site or to plan maintenance actions, contractual fixed times can be used.

Deliverables of the preliminary RAM-related activities constitute the necessary background for defining the overall RAM Een Specification in terms of: What is RAMS about? During this phase the Main Supplier should also collect detailed analyses carried out by 501263 contractors in order to: The replacement should be compatible in form, fit and function Testability 5.

Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. Table 12 — Maintenance Cost Requirements Dimension Definition Proposed Symbol Training of maintenance personnel Money T mp Travel costs sustained for reaching the maintenance sites Money T cm Spare parts 50162-3, provision and storage Money SPa-p-s Preventive scheduled maintenance actions including cost for spare parts, for software and for personnel employed Money PMc Corrective maintenance actions including cost for spare parts, for software and for personnel employed Money CMc Other Maintenance Cost Requirements can be the cost of Preventive or Corrective Maintenance or the sum of the two where the Customer can use the cost per Kilometre or per Kilometres or other significant basis i.


PD CLC/TR 50126-3:2008

This should be considered to ensure that maintenance costs from different operators or from different rolling stock Main Supplier are compared on the same equal basis.

But this impact can be evaluated considering maintenance cost. The Reliability Targets are applicable to the total rolling stock and all its subsystems, assemblies and parts according 50126- the boundary limits defined. Since configuration control applies to all project phases see EN Figure 9, Note 1when the project progresses through Phase 10 to Phases 11 and beyond, a suitable Configuration Management System should also be established by the Customer.

Following up application of these actions during the latest design phases! Solutions used should, to the maximum extent, make it possible to interchange parts with others already in use by the customer and installed on other rolling stock.

After receiving offers the Customer evaluates the docum ents and chooses the best offer. The input documentation of this phase is the tender documentation presented by the Main Supplier and the contractual agreements confirmed during negotiation.

This maximum weight may be doubled when the conditions of accessibility make it possible for two persons to work together. What is a hazard?

In this case two choices can 5016-3 considered for addressing the target of minimising standstill time: Based on the above considerations, the RAM Programme could be defined as shown in the following diagram. 50126- standards include the generic safety norm IEC Also, collection of data from field rn the Main Supplier to: It is therefore advisable, to identify all the entities that can be a part of this relationship and to examine how the responsibilities of dealing with these entities are shared between the customer and supplier relationship.

The Customer should document his process for choosing RAM Requirements stating the consideration given to address each requirement chosen. It defines a comprehensive set of tasks for the different phases of a generic life cycle for a total rail system.


An efficient Eb Programme should be established and maintained over the whole Life Cycle by both, Main Supplier and Customer, taking into account the whole range, including variations, of operational possibilities to be chosen during the life time of the rolling stock. Also, in rolling stock contracts, there is now a greater emphasis on the impact on end customers of service failures and on the economic and risk considerations of RAMS i.


Software for railway control and protection systems. In particular, for elementary objects, commercial or unified solutions should be used, or parts already in use by the customer as classified replacement parts. Using the above definition the Customer should specify the Reliability Targets for each one of the Failure Categories in terms of: A guide to the application of EN -1 for safety of railway systems For parts already in use by the customer, he should supply a list.

If the hooking, hoisting or transportation equipment is not available on the market, it must be designed, constructed rn supplied under the responsibility of the Main Supplier. In the same way the Customer should define, before the beginning of the checking period and for each RAM Requirement, detailed acceptance criteria in order to establish clear rules to be followed.

Dynabrade Product – 3″ (76 mm) Dia. Disc Pad, Hook ‘N Loop

Carpeting and wall-to-wall textile flooring should be designed for easy replacement for cleaning off the rolling stock by providing appropriate breaks especially in the environments subject to heavy traffic corridors, vestibules, etc. The Main Supplier should indicate the cleaners compatible with the materials and coverings used.

In designing equipment every opportunity should be applied to increase the modularity of the object so as to reduce intervention time, the specialisation of the personnel required and the stocks to be kept on hand. The final goal is the derivation of RAM targets through the appropriate analysis of all the information collected and organised in a structured way. Specific requirements for composite insulators used for overhead contact line systems. The specification and demonstration of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety RAMS.

It must be possible to remove any piece of equipment if needed for recovery from failure or for scheduled maintenance, without having to operate on other pieces of equipment not directly involved with the specific maintenance action.