En Occidente, el más poderoso aliado de la belleza ha sido siempre la luz. En cambio, en la estética tradicional japonesa lo esencial es captar el enigma de la . Buy El elogio de la sombra by Junichiro Tanizaki, Francisco Javier de Esteban Baquedano (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Free UK. Tanizaki y El elogio de la sombra. likes. In praise of shadows, Éloge de l’ ombre Junichirō Tanizaki.

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Want to Read saving…. It is as if sombta desire to remove the mask off the face exposing the vulnerabilities and apprehension of the actor contrasting that of its stage character. A tranquil, enchanting, and light read, Tanizaki really opens your eyes, where you just want to take a moment, sit back, relax, and think long and hard about what he is getting across.

El elogio de la sombra by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki

Tanizaki talks about wooden furniture, subdued lighting, lacquer-work, Noh plays, and the pleasure of taking good shits. But it is not only darkness and shadow that the Japanese find beautiful. View all 3 comments. Suppose for instance that we had developed our own physics and chemistry: A book on beauty has its share of ugliness; people’s skin and supposed degrees of purity.

In the course of the essay, Tanizaki writes of lamps, stoves, toilets yes toiletspens, paper, glass, lacquerware, ceramics, food, houses, picture alcoves, theater, women, clothing, skin color, and cosmetics. La parte de los retretes es bastante chistoso.

It’s easier to drive to the supermarket for a loaf, but wouldn’t we be better off ttanizaki, saving petrol and the money it costsbreathing some fresh air, enjoying the eloglo Autumn day and assuming they’re in working order stretching our legs?


Although his aesthetic is associated with a cultural perspective markedly different from western varieties, there is nevertheless something essentially familiar about it.

I wish I could hide all my electrical wires too. Gregory Sombea new translation is pitch perfect and transparent. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

View all 6 comments. Another sombda experience is sadness as an enjoyable technology is superseded. A writer who can make me yearn, spine tinglingly, ssombra a wooden outhouse instead of a cosy en suite can only be a genius. LIght is taken into consideration. That was the ultimate defining line that demarcated me and my grandfather standing apart in two different worlds.

The apprehensions of the Noh theatre installing high voltage lightings for the viewing comfort in large auditoriumbrings dismay to Tanizaki about the worrisome future of Noh losing its true beauty in such extravagant set up. Every detail to avoid the disruption of harmony in a Japanese room.

The right heating system. View all 3 comments. It explains why my personal copy of this is saturated with notes and highlights, but not why the translators and forwards and afterwords taniizaki cheeky side eye winks at Tanizaki’s appreciation of defecation but avoid altogether the antiblack race formulations involved in his personal theories of color.

El elogio de la sombra (Biblioteca de Ensayo / Serie menor)

But more than that: The results are complex, ironic, demure, and provocative. Also other interesting tid-bits like how the Orients revere whiteness of people, but not for any infatuations with Caucasians and the problems of integrating Japanese design with modern technology in architecture. sombda

View all 36 comments. The prolific Japanese author Junichiro Tanizaki published this extended essay on esthetics inand the issues he addresses range widely. Shadows form an integral part of Japanese traditional aesthetic and in the subsequent cyclic philosophy of concealment and revelation through a game of shadows the crucial beauty becomes highly seductive.


Activity is good, but too much of it is exhausting. Works by Junichiro Tanizaki. Gold is garish under the glare of harsh lights, but in a dim room it beautifully reflects the little light that is there. The sound of the rain playing gently with the dusky light of a candle. His plea touches my heart. O livro continuou na mesma veia desinteressante. The wooden pillar withered through the tantrums of changing seasons, ageing into oblivion equates to a wrinkled face, the shadows dwelling the wrinkly creases, augmenting the beauty of the face that has weathered the rambunctious life exemplifying that nothing is permanent, not even the tautness of a youthful skin and yet in those imperfect shadows of ugly deep wrinkles lay an unconventional beauty of perfection.

There are so many of them, not to mention all the LED lights from appliances that once were luxuries and now are necessities. This is something the Rationalist fails to imagine. Take your frustrations out on an unfeeling lump of dough, save still more money, avoid additives and enjoy the fruit of your own labour! Somewhere along the centuries it wasn’t considered wise to have everything in the eye of the beholder, so beauty pushed all else out and has reigned supreme till this day.

And so it has come to be that the beauty of a Japanese room depends on the variation of shadows, heavy shadows against light shadows—it has nothing else. Apr 03, George K.