Preparing CATIA Version 4 · Converting V4 Kinematics Data into DMU Kinematics V5 · Opening Version Optimal PLM Usability for DMU Kinematics Simulator. Duration: 2 days. Course Objective This course focuses on functionality delivered within the DMU Kinematics (KIN) workbench, which allows the user to build. CATIA V5, DMU Kinematics, how can we rotate two components about their own axis, which are non parallel & non intersecting, one is driver.

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CATIA V5 DMU Kinematics

But how if you did not know how to the very well constraints in Assembly Design? This article is very much helpful and i hope this will be an useful information for the needed one. Such as, you need to have you constraints selection very well in Assembly Design, and then use the Automatic Conversion in DMU Kinematics and all are converted systematically.

Posted by zihad mahmud at Downvote 0 Downvoted 1. For those who are trying out DMU kinematics to complete projects or just learning, there are few different approaches. CADD Centre is also the preferred training partner of more than corporate houses in India and abroad. If you could send me part and product files I surely can help you with this.


Priya Pandey August 22, at 1: Create a GrabCAD account or sign in to an existing account.

CATIA V5 DMU Kinematics

Try a Gear joint between the axis of the two wheels. Derrick Corea January 16, at 4: But still it gets stuck on 1, while travelling from 10 to 0 and some value of 9, in the opposite direction.

Have you tried moving it in the negative direction?

If you guys have downloaded Dick Sham tutorial about excavator kinematics, it come with different approach. Upvote 0 Upvoted 1.

I’m not sure why your mechanism is stopping at 7. Hey, Gyss Check out this Please sign in or create an account to continue Create a GrabCAD account or sign in to an existing account Create an account Sign in to existing account Create an account. It means that you want to rotate the wheels and trace a linear path along rod or is it a single part.


This usually indicates something is too short. Inwizards Incorporation September 4, at 5: Assalamualaikum and very good day.

Ask and answer engineering questions Join the Community. Please sign in or create an account to continue. In the assembly of “Trial Keep on updating these kinds of informative things Newer Post Older Post Home.

Log in or sign up to answer. I am working on a mechanism in which I kibematics 2 components like wheels, rotating about their own axis, running along different ramps, one is the driver another driven, so I want both to have same rotation angle turned and a single command for rotation applied to the driver.

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