Cadkey in as a trainer for CADL and wrote the first CADKEY Tutor, an interactive on-line tutorial that guides the user through 2D and 3D design and layout. Some are CADKEY-specific, but all work well with CAD KEY in a design! . The tutorial approach used in this manual helps new users get up to speed quickly at . Specifically designed for first-time CADKEY users with little or no experience. Practical, easy-to-follow exercises introduce the basic tools used in CADKEY 98, .

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Are you using a separate video card or the systems video from the mother board? There were 3 Catia seats in the group cad,ey the users were prima donnas draftsman. We have 5 computers with cadkey 99 and all of our pc are running window 7, no trouble here. Remember, this was the first 3D CAD available for these designers.

However I did notice, if I pull down the top of the tutorual in the drawing window to the point where the cursor ttuorial, the cursor reappears in the unused black area as a pointer when moved out of the drawing area. I have coined two design processes that I have found I use as compared to the conventional sketching and modeling practices used by the Solidworks and Fusion users in the multiple exercises.

The Autocad dealers are still around and still have the facilities to offer on-site training with large franchises carrying the load. Download the free reader from Adobe. On-line self tutorials and videos. Thanks to everyone that has tried to help.


Many of the trainees were from Boeing.

Why did PLM Fail?

If you are interested in adding professional hybrid modeling capabilities or looking for a new solution to increase your productivity, take some time to download a fully functional 30 day evaluation and play with these packages. I have Windows 7 Caekey on mine. Moldcore, I tried what has been suggested and still have this issue with the cursor disapearing.

I tried loading Cadkey 97 and it will not load due to ” incompatable operating system”. Not for faint at heart. This was my second contract with William and they allowed me to train on the CAD system after work.

More 3d with holes. No contractor was going to get on to 3D CAD.

CADKEY Tutorial-Blank Drawing

It ran on a PC. The next article addressing 3D CAD training today: This is not training, just help getting through the few commands or concepts.

I took to I like a duck to water, it was very similar to Computervision but much, much easier. It could cdkey realistic renderings and animation. That is the only place where productivity is paramount.

But there was this old fellow telling us about his experience. If you are interested in 3D CAD and not experienced in engineering you are out in the cold.

CADKEY Tutorial – Creating a Title Block and Border Line

Solidworks dealers are now mostly small offices of national dealers and offer few classes. The Death of the Drawing. I was again out at Williams for the third time. It was 3D wireframe and I was up and running in two weeks of lunch hours.


For the video card make sure you have the latest driver.

Does this match the larger monitor? Sadly, Autocad was basically free, not having copy protection and many took advantage of it, until Autodesk started cracking down. I did most of caadkey support until I got a few other bright fellows up to speed.

AutoCAD already ttorial a dealer network in place with great training facilities. So we now have budding engineers moving into the profession without the knowledge or experience of drafting, the drawing or form, fit and function design.

I became very proficient and soon added the hat of trainer, but never in an official position. I finally had to tell him to take a drafting class to get the basics of design. There are some very good self tutorials out there but it is so much better to have a direct support line.

Here is a quote from an associate on Linkedin that describes what is happening in engineering clearly:.