Fact is a poor story-teller as Maugham reminds us. Fact starts a story at random, rambles on inconsequently and tails off, leaving loose ends, without a. Ashenden or: the British Agent [W. Somerset Maugham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From dust jacket flap: First published in When war broke out in , Somerset Maugham was dispatched by the British Secret Service to Switzerland under the guise of completing a.

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The scene ashendrn him. It starts with a set of circumstances which have consequences, but of which the causes may be ignored; and these consequences, in their turn the cause of other circumstances, are pursued till a point is reached when the reader is satisfied that they are the cause of no further consequences that need be considered. They mauhham large and long and smooth; there was not a hair on them or on the wrists, and with the pointed, rosy, manicured nails there was really something sinister about them.

Lovely characterizations, good eye for settings. Two and a half months later, the Bolsheviks took control. Why is it that I’m drawn to the most mundane spy stories possible? Characteristically, Ashenden is a not angry b tries to establish whether Gustav has also been working for the Germans c wonders if he can be fed false info to pass back ashendeen the Hun.

Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham (1928)

The Mexican eyed zshenden with satisfaction and watched the porters arrange the luggage. There is in fact a second theory that is just as plausible, and this is that fiction should use life merely as raw material which it arranges in ingenious patterns. Then he saw the Hairless Mexican, followed by two porters with his luggage and accompanied by a man in a bowler-hat, walk leisurely on to the platform.

I list the stories just as much to jog my own memory later on.

Ashenden – Book Review

Both his parents died when he was young and he was raised by an aloof and cruel uncle a vicar. I see adhenden innocence disguised as mystery. Want to Read saving…. Subscribe Receive notification of new posts by email. Sounds like governments of today! Perhaps she had asked him only because, feeling death near, she had had a sudden yearning, she the exile of so many years, to die with someone of her own people, so long forgotten, by her side.


Ashenden: Or the British Agent – Wikipedia

He shook hands with Ashenden and showed him out. She never spoke anything but French.

Maugham asshenden Ashenden’s adventures in chapters much like short stories, which have the benefit of encompassing one plot as a comprehensible ashenedn rather than allowing the various missions to become tangled, as they might have been in real life. Posted by Simon on October 17, https: Pistols are owned but rarely fired; nor will you experience explosions or raunchy sex with beautiful women. Ashenden, or the British Agentfirst published inis a series of linked stories relating the adventures of a writer of comic plays who is recruited into Britis W.

He is credited with being the most financially successful British writer of the s. He felt rather than knew that the Prince was an able and astute man. Ashenden was among the last to finish and when he left the dining-room it was almost empty.

He was a man somewhat above the middle height, lean, with a yellow, deeply-lined face, thin grey hair and a toothbrush moustache. Out of the social scene he uses his cover as a playwright to interact with his street runners — the poor and down at heel. Ashenden sprang forward to support her. Sounds rather exciting doesn’t it?

Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham, from Project Gutenberg Canada

When he meets his boss, R. Ashenden had been to France in order to write and dispatch a report. Moves away from wartime and tells the tale of class. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The most interesting reference, though, comes much earlier, when an author friend Eileen Bigland tells Ambler, as he is setting out to become a writer, to learn from Maugham. She was a high-coloured blonde with golden hair of a metallic lustre, lovely no doubt but not attractive, and Ashenden had from the first reflected that it was not the sort of hair you would like to find in your soup.


Ashenden had a confident belief in the ashende of the human animal, which in the course of his life had stood him in good stead. The shops were closed and Ashenden ashwnden only an occasional pedestrian who sidled along, scrunched up, as though he fled from the blind wrath of the unknown. Mauugham remembered the iron grip he had given him when they shook hands and slightly shuddered.

He is god, he is devil. It had been found possible to get the Bengali arrested in Berne on a charge that would keep him out of harm’s way for maughham while, but the black cane trunk could not be found.

His Excellency maughan A continuation and conclusion of “Behind the Scenes”. It was a bold and ingenious scheme and Ashenden felt a pleasant exhilaration for a great deal of his work was uncommonly dull when he heard of it.

The game played now was contract, with which he was not very familiar, and the stakes were high; but asbenden game was obviously but a pretext and Ashenden had no notion what other game was being played under the rose.

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I am afraid he will be exceedingly displeased. Humour As is the way with his class, this aloofness is combined with imperturbable good humour.

How many of those short Eastern lives must have run their course under her eyes and what dark secrets must she have known!