Arjuna is the immortal tale of one of IndiaÕs greatest heroes. These pages retell in riveting detail the story of the Pandava Warrior-Prince who. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Anuja Chandramouli is a full-time mother of two lovely girls ARJUNA Saga Of A Pandava Warrior-Prince Kindle Edition. by . ARJUNA Saga Of A Pandava Warrior-Prince [Ajuna Chandramouli] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Arjuna is the immortal tale of one of.

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The Legacy of Yoga in Bhagawad Geeta. Ramayana, I have seen it in a cartoon series, but I have heard that Mahabharatha was a very lengthy story and it was best experienced when told by ones grand-parents.

The God of Desire and Shakti: Just before the yagna begins, Janamejaya is reminded of his great-grandfather, the pride of their line, Arjuna.

Few of the words were totally off the track arjna did not match with the seriousness of this epic mythological drama. Again, I am extremely happy that someone has cared to narrate the story again and bring in the importance of Arjuna to the fore, however, before I get into that let me ask a simple question.

A human Arjuna

It was a breezy read with mostly linear narrative and occasional repetetions of the same event, which i think the editorial team should have taken better care of. A good start by this young Author.

He requests Veda Vyasa to narrate the Mahabharata; Vyasa consents and asks his disciple Vaishampayana to begin. Lists with This Book. Feb 19, Kislay Verma rated it liked it. Adhinitishastra evam Vyavaharik Nitishastra.

This book, while a retelling of the Mahabharata, tries to shift the focus subtly towards Arjuna. A very different take on the Mahabharata as it is told from Arjuna’s point of view.


In the book, the author has not added much saba her own. Then, we all have this onerous task and responsibility of passing these stories and lessons on to our next generations. Ambalika is so appalled by the sight of the unkempt sage Vyasa that she closes her eyes during their union.

Book doesn’t conjure anything new in in our minds.

ARJUNA: Saga Of A Pandava Warrior-Prince – Anuja Chandramouli – Google Books

Recommended if you are looking for some engaging Indian writing. Panchali only solidified that unit.

For those who have not read the Mahabharata in any language, this could if a great introduction as well as a neat quick reference. A Higher Sanskrit Grammar. This is what makes this book stand apart from the modern novels, but I am afraid, also makes it the old story retold.

Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior-Prince by Anuja Chandramouli

Arjuna, the archer genius of the Pandavas, whose adventures, conquests and follies are well known even till today, is one of the famed Pandava princes. Even though I might have not read enough of it, Ma The more I inclined my self towards Kauravas for I have read the Ajaya by Anand Neelakantan, the more this book made me question my choice. Sep 03, Sankrutyayan rated it really liked it. Paperbackpages. Similar problems figure at different places within the book and many times you would wonder where is Arjuna in all this?

In terms of narrating history and choices of sub-plots with Arjuna as focus, the book has been successful. Bharata Natyam on the Global Stage. Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. Ayurvedic Remedies for the Whole Family. Jan 07, Vinay Badri rated it did not like it Shelves: So, while picking up this book, I had really high expectation from it.

Even though I might have not read enough of it, Mahabharata is like the favorite teacher I never had. The story starts with the birth of Arjuna, a boon from the Wind God to Kunti and tells us about the childhood of Arjuna, his escapades as a talented marksmen and the adventures that ensues amongst the Pandava brothers.


Happy Reading Book —————- Arjuna: Again, I thank Anuja for the fantastic book and thank the publishers for bringing such a good book to light. Now coming to my view about the book, it was written in simple language, which is quite too simple for me.

Kudos to warrior-prinec author for having written such an excellent tale as a debutante! It fails for a reader like me. Saga of a Pandava Warrior-Prince, was named by Amazon India as one of the top 5 books in the Indian Writing category for the year Gotta write about her as well!

The story, or stories focus on events around Sata and his Pandava brothers and what events transpired throughout their lives, their struggles, victories and defeats. Every Indian while growing psndava had watched Mahabharata by B. But this fell short of my expectations by light years. It keeps you interested with the most heinous actions, incredible plots an Read my complete review on – http: Recycling Indian mythology seems to be the furore among many Indian debutants. On the whole, the cover design in woody is texture.

A lot suggest, that while Arjuna was no doubt a brave hero, his success could mostly be attributed to Krishna, who manipulated things into his favor. You as an author qarrior-prince to make me feel it, make me happy, sad, laugh with the characters.