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She looked so sexy, lying there in the candlelight that I was ridiculously close to kissing her, but didn’t of course — if I was that spontaneous I might have not been a virgin. I was firshs silly and I knew it, but the feelings stayed. I didn’t blame her, considering she had been on the end of the bed the whole time and bight being physically ignored by Cat. I noticed that her mound was radiating more heat than any part of her body.

All I remember seeing a small, rectangular patch of hair in between her bronzed legs. Despite the cold and my powerful urge nighy get warm, I was still overcome with equally powerful feelings of nervousness. I was 18 years old and had still never even been kissed. I looked over at her, but she had her eyes closed. I laid on my back close to Caterina, not really knowing what I should do.

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She was not one of those fiirsts that you would tag “beautiful,” not that she wasn’t up to the standard of her beautiful sister, but the tag just did not fit Caterina. I know no one will believe me, but this girl was just as stunning as her older sister, although very different looking.


After walking for about an hour, the storm had not let up, if anything it had probably become more formidable. I brought my sister and her friend for the weekend, but the shit weather turns and we weren’t prepared.

I felt a surge of relief, knowing that the hut would probably save my life. Her tanned legs looked incredibly smooth and ran as long as a fire pole up to her taut behind. What can go wrong will go wrong. The terrain was unfamiliar and there was a distinct lack of stable ground. My heart was beating at the prospect that she had just teased me like that on purpose. And that’s her friend Alana. I cleared my throat and managed to thank her.

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Here I was holding a Mediterranean beauty, our legs wrapped around each other, while her younger sister holds me from behind. Never in my life had I seen such a perfect ass not that I had seen any type of ass before — except maybe in the odd strip club.

That blizzaard made my heart jump just a bit, before it was taken over by awkwardness.

I wrapped her up with my left hand. Alana, who I almost forgot was there, began to complain that she was getting cold. They both looked up when I entered firstx stared at me, so I introduced myself.


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I was not an expert on bra sizes, but I guessed them to be about a large C cup. After a while, it was not necessary to be in the spoon positions, so we were all just kind of free to lie how we wanted.

She was holding Alana, who had her back to Caterina. Her hair hung around her flawlessly milky shoulders and possibly because of her size, she looked fhe youngest and the most innocent. I noticed that her legs were bare and found this to be strange but did not have enough time to think about it. I realized at that moment that Sophia was beginning to shiver.

The bedroom, like the rest of cabin, was lit up by candles and nigth lanterns. My shoulder was now rubbed up against Sophia’s.

Without hesitation, I rapped heavily on the door and waited with hopeful anticipation. Once again, her hand just happened to scrape over my now semi — hard penis I say scrape — but silk doesn’t tirsts — it glides. Sophia entered the bedroom and I followed, not sure of what to expect. The trip was for six nights.